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SEA Dialysis - Mykonos

Island Hopping from Mykonos

Experience the joys of island hopping in the Cyclades! With a variety of islands all within an hour or two of Mykonos by boat, explore them all with short day trips from your base in Mykonos!
Explore the Cyclades from Mykonos


Approximately 2,5 hours by ferry
Perhaps the most popular island in Greece (after Mykonos of course!) Santorini hardly needs to be introduced. Famous for its breathtaking sunsets and the unique caldera, Santorini is surely not to be missed. While a bit further away than some other nearby islands, Santorini is a perfect place to visit and spend the night during your stay on Mykonos. Interested in visiting Santorini? Contact our team to help your planning.

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Approximately 30 minutes by ferry
Located just north of Mykonos, Tinos is an enchanting island well known for the famous Panagia Tinou (Our Lady of Tinos) which is an important Orthodox Christian church. Beautiful beaches and traditional villages with their unique ‘bird houses’ create a unique and welcoming atmosphere for visitors to Tinos.


Approximately 45 minutes by ferry
Syros has a rich history having featured prominently in the Greek War for Independence. The capital Ermopoulis served as a commercial and administrative capital from many years and its neoclassical buildings and winding lanes invite explorations!


Approximately 30 minutes by ferry
Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades, and features high mountains, green valleys and stunning sea views. With a large variety of beaches and a wide and varied selection of archaeological and historical sites to visit, Naxos has something for everyone!


Approximately 30 minutes by ferry
Paros is widely known for its beaches, traditional villages and a 4th century Byzantine church Panagia Ekatontapiliani (The Church of One Thousand Gates). The main town of Parikia has plenty to explore while a tour around the island to the village of Naoussa will offer a number of amazing choices to enjoy the local seafood delicacies!


Approximately 30 minutes by ferry
Just off the coast of Paros, Antiparos is a throwback to simpler times with a decidedly laid back feel. The winding lanes of the main town invite exploration and the opportunity to do a little bit of star spotting is always on with Antiparos welcoming a host of royalty and Hollywood stars every summer!

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