COVID-19 Policy
SEA Dialysis - Mykonos

COVID-19 Policy & Measures

We are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic around the clock and follow all guidelines and protocols issued by the Local Authorities and the World Health Organization at the utmost level.

Keeping our patients safe is our top priority

Below is a list with some of the measures that we have adopted in My Dialysis Mykonos against COVID-19:

  • Visiting Patients are required to provide a negative PCR test for SARS CoV 2 no more than 48h before traveling to Mykonos.
  • As per our current COVID-19 policy, please be informed that all incoming patients to our Unit will be tested for COVID upon arrival in Mykonos. Tests will be performed via RAPID TEST for SARS CoV 2 on a nasopharyngeal swab. Every patient will be charged for testing individually, in accordance with our current price list.
  • Patients of My Dialysis Hemodialysis Unit are kindly requested to inform our healthcare professionals in case any symptoms of infection might occur. Such symptoms may be fever, cough, malaise, dyspnea, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain. In any such case our Patients are expected to promptly inform our personnel prior to any scheduled hemodialysis session.
  • Obtaining a nasopharyngeal swab for Real-Time PCR, as well as changing the time and seat for the scheduled hemodialysis session, are precautionary measures that our medical personnel might take for reasons of a possible SARS-CoV-2 infection containment.
  • Symptomatic patients will be tested via RT-PCR and will be hosted in a prespecified designated area in our Unit until test results are obtained and/or symptoms have resolved, hence it is determined that circulating within the Unit is safe for the other patients. In any case, symptomatic patients are mandated to adhere to medical officer’s instructions and abide by the regulations imposed by the National Organization for Public Health.
  • Obtaining and wearing a face mask is mandatory for our Patients upon arrival at the Unit, and during the whole length of the hemodialysis session.
  • All our Patients will have their body temperature measured upon arrival by the designated personnel. Furthermore, they will be required to fill in a short questionnaire at the Unit’s entrance.
  • After that, incoming patients will be escorted to the dressing room, where they will be asked to wear foot covers and perform hand hygiene (hand wash and appliance of antiseptic). Then they will be escorted to their seat using a prespecified route.
  • Upon departure, our Patients will follow the same route and apply hand hygiene once more.
  • Our Patients are always encouraged to keep their distance (at least 1.5 m) and apply hand hygiene multiple times during their stay in our Unit.
  • Escorts are not allowed in the Unit at all times unless prior arrangement has been made. In case of patients with mobility limitations, escorts are welcome to stay in the waiting area upon arrival and departure and need to be tested for Covid-19.
  • Smoking and alcohol use are strictly prohibited within the premises of our Unit.
  • Ordering and delivery of food or drinks from outside during the hemodialysis session is not allowed for health safety reasons.

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